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Foxtail Ref Sheet by RoxyPuppyGirl
Foxtail Ref Sheet
Here's my warrior OC, Foxtail! ^^ You were expecting something like this, admit it.
Foxkit was a kit found wandering the forest alone. She was taken in by Goldenflower, a few moons before Bramblekit and Tawnykit were apprenticed. Goldenflower had no problem feeding her; Foxkit was old enough to eat chewed-up fresh-kill.
When Tawnypaw ran away to join ShadowClan, Foxpaw was apprenticed and Brackenfur - not having an apprentice - became her mentor. She was made a warrior a little bit sooner than most apprentices, for some reason, she was a natural warrior. (Psst, it was because Jake's brother is as awesome as Jake)

She was named Foxtail in honour of her fox-like tail that sometimes confuses predators and makes them believe that she's a fox. This usually becomes an advantage. She rarely gets attacked by another cat, but that's only for a moment, until the said cat realizes she's not a fox.

OMG, you guys don't believe how hard it is to find a mentor for your OC D: I wanted a warrior I loved and I was going through aaaall the mentors when Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt were apprentices. So I just gave Brackenfur more work between Tawnypaw and Whitepaw XD
The New Prophecy by RoxyPuppyGirl
The New Prophecy
EDIT: Okay, I tried to fix Midnight, it turned out even worse XD I'm sorry, I tried...;w;


I haven't been working on a Paint picture so intensely for...a while XD
Warning: Probably spoilers.
But yay, I'm at the forth book of The New Prophecy and I'm enjoying it much more than the first series ^^ There are more characters to love and more characters to die....But what the heck, killing Feathertail? WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS??? I came to love her from the bottom of my heart and she just....dies. Okay then. I still hate you now, Erins and Tribe of Rushing Water.
I'm preparing myself for Tallstar's death, he seems so old and weak now Q^Q Mudclaw's been leading WindClan through the journey, since Tallstar was busy being tired. But he still gave Crowfeather his warrior name! ^^

Aboooout the pic, Squirrelpaw is too small and there's something wrong with Brambleclaw. Also I don't know how to draw badgers, poor Midnight...The others are fine though ^^ I especially like how Tawnypelt came out~ And Leafpaw is so pretty ^.^

From left to right, from up to down: Midnight, Leafpaw, Tawnypelt, Brambleclaw, Stormfur, Squirrelpaw, Feathertail and Crowpaw. I do not own any of them!
Warriors Practice by RoxyPuppyGirl
Warriors Practice
Heeey I'm practicing my style~

I'm at the 27th chapter of The Darkest Hour now....

Tigerstar FINALLY died and now I don't want to read more cuz I know that Whitestorm will die in the battle with Scourge and BloodClan ;_;

Also the book just now said that Whitestorm has blue eyes XD I'm not even surprised after Longtail being a pale tabby, a silver tabby, a brown cat and a pale tabby again, really...the Erins just have a lot of trouble with all the different characters, since every one of them have a different design. That's okay, the story is enjoyable after all ^^
I wanted to draw the most different warriors to work out various styles, but you know, you'd really want to draw your favorites when you get to here, you get Sandstorm, Cinderpelt and Whitestorm too. (Whitestorm actually looks more like a young apprentice here, even though he's close to being an elder XD)
And I had to draw angry eyes, so Tigerstar's here too, yes....sure, there's Dustpelt or Darkstripe or even Longtail, but nah, I think Dustpelt isn't always in a bad mood, Longtail is a coward (a lovable coward though XD) and I hate Darkstripe more than Tigerstar.
I also have an announcement! I'm adding Graystripe to my favorites, he's the best cuddly indecisive fluffball forever <3
Fav cats so far by RoxyPuppyGirl
Fav cats so far
So as you know, I'm reading Warriors and I'm at Rising Storm now, these are my favorite cats so far ^^

Whitestorm has saved many catbutts so far and I adore his wisdom and loyalty. He would have made a fine deputy instead of Fireheart imo owo

Frostfur? She's kind and beautiful! I really like that tiny bit of her that I managed to take from the books. She's kind and caring and awesome ^w^

Brindleface! Wouldn't it be a little bit hard to take in a stranger child? Well, she did, she took in Cloudkit as her own. I guess any other cat would have taken any kit (except maybe Speckletail), but the amount of love she had towards Cloudkit made my heart melt ^^ (also she's very pretty and I had fun with her design~)

Sandstorm, because how can you not love this once-cocky-but-now-kind she-cat? When Fireheart first joined ThunderClan, I thought I'll never come to love Sandpaw, but ever since she started to open up to Fireheart, I've grown to love her very much! She's awesome and loving! 8D

And Cinderpelt. I ADORE Cinderpelt. I can't see how someone could not love this clumsy-goofy and still skillful and loving little fluffball! Yes, I also was very sad when she had her accident, but being the same happy cat after that unfortunate thing actually makes her someone you can look up to! She represents hope and going forward through obstacles for me, and that is something I had to do through my entire life. Cinderpelt is a big part of myself! =^.^=

I'm really fond of these books, I feel like a child again while reading them and even now, nearly 18 years old, I can still learn a lot from these awesome cats~ ^^
Smooth Tigerclaw by RoxyPuppyGirl
Smooth Tigerclaw
I don't really know if the books mention how Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt came to be, but this is my theory~
It's probably how it happened XD
Knowing Tigerclaw, he's probably thinking: "I'll make her pregnant so she won't be able to fight that much mwuhahaha"
Happy new year to whoever reads this! ^^
A new year, a new opportunity to....actually stop changing my drawing style. XD
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Tímea is my first name~
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Name: Tímea, but call me Roxy:iconheheplz:
Gender: Female:iconsunglassesplz:
Home: Romania, Transylvania, Cristuru Secuiesc
Likes: Anime, Smosh, Pewdiepie, video games, friends, drawing, singing, animals etc.
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Phobia: Drunk men (At least 17 years old. I get really nervous around them, like, REALLY nervous. My hands shake miserably when I get close to one.)
Favourite movies: The Grudge, Hercules, Lion King, Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Puss in Boots, Harry Potter, Hetalia - Paint it, White! (best horror movie ever), Frozen
Favorite books: White Fang, The Call of the Wild, The black tulip, Harry Potter series
Favourite shows: Naruto, Pokémon, Hetalia, Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood, Mondaiji tachi ga isekai kara kuru so desu yo? aaand basically anime is all that I watch XD
Favourite games: Shrek 2, Wolf Quest, Feral Heart, Yu Gi Oh! Power of Chaos (all three games), Harry Potter, some Pokemon games....that's probably it
Motto: Alchemy: the science of understanding the structure of matter, breaking it down, then- SHUT UP!


:iconstarplz:THAT'S ALL FOLKS!:iconstarplz:


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