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Playplayplaaay by RoxyPuppyGirl
It's Roxy and Al, having some fun together~ ^^
The background is the randomest thing ever done XD
Also, I recorded the painting, but the file got corrupted, thanks to me not using CamStudio correctly...
I'm sad :'C
But still, here, have some cute fellas playing~
Cats, I'm a kitty-cat by RoxyPuppyGirl
Cats, I'm a kitty-cat
I don't know XD
It started out as Greystripe but then...
I really don't know XD
Just wanted to draw a cat =^w^=
And so, Naruto ends :') by RoxyPuppyGirl
And so, Naruto ends :')
So, it ends...
It has started 15 years ago, I've only been following it for 5 years, but I feel the same as older fans do, believe it! ^^

I had many many feelings when I read chapter 698. I believed in Sasuke all the way and I knew that he always had good in him ^^ He was just confused, lonely and didn't trust anyone.
And then he shed tears. All those emotions came out with those tears and three words "Shut up, Usuratonkachi..."
I was almost crying. It just hit me too much! :iconfeelsplz:
I read that chapter over and over again. It was amazing~
Then I waited for the last two chapters...I've been waiting for a week now and I am not dissapointed at all! I mean, how could I?
My ships became canon! NaruHina, SasuSaku and ShikaTema, all three of them! They're perfect for each other ^^
Let's talk about chapter 699. We've been able to read Sasuke's thoughts troughout the chapter. (this was a very clever idea from Kishimoto-sensei imo, since Sasuke doesn't get much spotlight in the last chapter) There were important flashbacks too and that just kept hitting me in the feelz.
My personal favourite scene from chapter 699 was of course the scene with Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke. I saw Sasuke's apologetic face and....I felt that my heart could break any moment. He was sooo sorry for everything he's done! He didn't even accept the prostethic arm, that just shows how angry he was at himself and how he wanted to start again.
Dat forehead poke though ^^ It's one of the very few gentle gestures he ever did to Sakura, and also don't forget that it means so much to Sasuke. I don't think Sakura felt the value of that forehead poke. But Sasuke does and he gave it to her.
Also he said "Thank you.." just like when he first left Konoha, remember? The difference is that now he will return and Sakura knows that.
Aaaand the headband scene. Naruto must be very happy and proud of himself for bringing back the Teme~ He just acts a little bit uptight because he still thinks that Sasuke is full of himself XD And I don't want that to change. That's just the relationship of my BROTP. Yup. They're best friends forever.
All the ninja kids.
If that's not adorable then I don't know what adorable is.
I personally think Himawari is the cutest of all. ^^ I mean, I always loved Hinata and Himawari must have inherited her personality, she's just adorable!
Uhm....I don't know how Chouji and Karui got together though, I mean....jeez...XD But it's fine with me and their daughter looks cute ^^
The fact that Bolt (or Boruto) resembles Naruto so much makes me have feeeeelz. He just wants the attention of his daaad, Naruto c'mon don't be like that and pay attention to your son!
Also, do you know what makes me a bit angry and happy at the same time? Sasuke and Naruto act the same way as dads. I don't know what Sasuke does, siriusly. XD Does he always travel? WELL STAY AT HOME AND TEACH GOUKAKYUU NO JUTSU TO YOUR DAUGHTER, SAUCE!
(Sauce is a hot dad by the way.)
Salada...or...salad....whatever, she is just like her dad inside. She looks a bit arrogant and she knows she's the Uchiha Princess ^^" But actually that's exactly what makes her cute and a very lovable character.
She's like Bolt! Remember when both Sasuke and Naruto admitted that they feel each other's pain? Yeah, they're alike. Just like their children. ^^

Aaaah I'm so happy right now, but still sad that it ends...
I loved this story and this manga!
Thank you, Kishimoto-sensei, for all these memories and life lessons!

I...just wasted...many minutes of your life~
FIRST: Please help this person!…
She's REALLY talented, and her comissions are very cheap!
Unfortunately I cannot give her money :c and if you're having the same problem as me, just make a journal about it and ask for reposts! Every click helps her!

Now, off to the next topic.
Hi guys! :icondragonhiplz:
First of all, I'm sorry for being inactive with journal entries XD I always forget them and then I never know what to write, soooo yeah, sorry.

But since my over-dramatizing entry was out for a while, here's a prussian awesome anime questionnaire for you guys, which I got somewhere from Yahoo! Answers ^^

Let's do this!

1) What was the first anime/manga you've ever seen/read? 
I was Pokemon I think....I thought I was a big fan of Pokemon in 5th grade, but I only knew some of the Kanto pokemon and yeeeah.... (also some Eeveelutions, like Umbreon and Espeon). I mostly copied them from clip arts owo"
2) What is your favorite anime/manga hands down? 
Right now I'm really into Kuroshitsuji! I saw the series, the OVAs and also am reading the manga. I'm also a veeery big fan of Hetalia and I also like Higurashi! 
3) How about the worst? 
Kilari was definitely the worst XD maybe I'm wrong, but it's very childish and stupid. Sorry, Kilari-fans oAo
4) Who's your anime crush (if you have one)? State the name and what anime they're from please! crush? o///o I love many guys, but I don't really think I have a crush....maybe England from Hetalia? :icondragonshy2: (no, it's not Kuroshitsuji's Sebastian and I really am being serious here. I'd never imagine him with a girl, especially a girl like me XD)
5) What's your favorite anime opening? 
I have some~
Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo (almost everyone's) from Hetalia;
Pokemon Johto region's theme is also awesome;
Naraku no Hana (or Hell flower...I think) from Higurashi;
The visual part from Kuroshitsuji's first opening;
and many more! ^^
6) Do you support any relationships in the animes/mangas you watch/read? If so, which is your favorite? 
I do. (NOT YAOI. I FRICKIN HATE YAOI. WHY'D YOU DO THAT???) My favorite is PrussiaxHungary from Hetalia ^^
7) Shoujo or Shonen? 
Shoujo....? (I can only guess what they really mean ><)
8) Do you prefer anime or manga? 
I'd follow both owo
9) Okay, I'm giving you permission to bring one anime character back to life who's died in their show. Who's it gonna be? 
AAAAWH OMG oAo okay, let's see...really? only one? >< Who should it be....I'll regret this XD Okay, I want to bring back Maes Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist >< There. I said it. But..WAIT! I WANT TO BRING BACK KUROSHITSUJI'S ABERLINE! Oh come on, there're a lot of characters worth bringing back ><
10) When one life is born, another one ends. Pick a character you'd want to see dead. 
Oh come the....I have to choose one that isn't dead, right? XD I'll just go with Higurashi, and the one I want to kill that annoying Takano. I hate her and I don't really care about her past. :icondragonhuh:
11) Do you like animes with a "happily ever after" ending, or do you like them filled with angst and bittersweetness? 
I think there's more action in an angsty and bittersweet anime, but since they usually end with "happily ever after", I choose both ^^
12) Which anime character can you relate to the most? 
My older meek and silent self was like Hetalia's Canada, right now I don't really know, but completing a test I got Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, Edward from FMA (I'm short actually XD) and Italy...seriously Italy from Hetalia... XD I don't know, choose someone, what you have to know is that when I don't see things coming out the way they're supposed to, I try to take the lead, I have many friends, I'm not lonely, I'm lazy and always do things pretty late and I don't like to study. I'm also curious about new things and I play the guitar. Tell me who do you think I am! (possibly from Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji, Higurashi, FMA or Naruto) Aaand I want to be like Hetalia's Prussia! ^^
13) If I picked you up and dropped you in an anime, would you be the hero, the villain, the unsuspecting victim, the annoying character everyone wants gone, or the comic relief? 
I'd definitely not be the hero or the villain XD ...maybe I'd be a victim, but I usually watch out for myself, so let's remain at the comic relief. I can be really funny if I want to!
14) Who are the top 5 hottest/sexiest anime characters in your opinion? 
I'm thinking in looks, okay?
It's not easy to make a top 5! >< let's see...
5. - Vincent Phantomhive (he looks bloody good you know)
4. - Alphonse Elric (as a grown-up, he looks very handsome ^^)
3. - Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt
2. - Sebastian Michaelis
And the first one iiiiiis......
1. - Uchiha Sasuke!
It was hard to put the last two in order ˘o˘" but Sasuke wins! (cuz he looks cute, Bassy doesn't and I like cute guys very much)
15) From a scale of 1 to 10, how much of an Anime Freak are you? 
Wow XD well I don't always watch anime, I mean like hours, without stopping, but that doesn't mean I don't like them, so something like 6-7.

Thanks for reading! ^^
And again, sorry for not posting journals XD
Love y'all, bye-bye~! :icondragonlick:
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  • Reading: So much novels o.o
  • Watching: Teachers
  • Playing: Pokemon (D,B2,FR,E)


Not gonna say.
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Name: Timea, but call me Roxy:iconheheplz:
Gender: Female:iconsunglassesplz:
Home: Romania, Transylvania, Cristuru Secuiesc
Likes: Puss in Boots, Donkey, England (Heta-li-aa), Pokemon, ladybugs, friends, drawing, singing, animals etc.
Dislikes: Girls who are speaking about boys every time, Shrek (the chara...just sometimes), frogs, spiders, locusts and other ugly bugs, snakes, fishes etc.
Favourite movie: Shrek 2, Hercules, Lion King, Evil Dead, The Ring, Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Puss in Boots, Harry Potter, Hetalia - Paint it, White! (best horror movie ever)
Favorite book: Warrior cats, Tail Talk, The Dog Whisperer, Harry Potter
Favourite show: Naruto, Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy, Kimba the white lion, Pokémon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Hetalia, Vampire Diaries, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Favourite game: Shrek 2, Wolf Quest, Feral Heart, Yu Gi Oh! Power of Chaos (all three games), Shadow Wolf Mysteries - Curse of the Full Moon, Harry Potter, Pokemon games
Motto: Loneliness is worse than when your parents are mad at you. / Go and make some friends! / Don't worry, Be happy! Drink Pepsi, Be Sexy! / Life is a game, you just have to play with it. / UNICORN mo tomodachi sa! : D (HE-TA-LI-A!)


:iconstarplz:THAT'S ALL FOLKS!:iconstarplz:



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