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Cinderpelt vs Spottedleaf (And Sandstorm) by RoxyPuppyGirl
Cinderpelt vs Spottedleaf (And Sandstorm)
Just listen to this please:…

I'm listening to it non-stop and eventually decided to draw a fanart ^^
Funtime Foxy by RoxyPuppyGirl
Funtime Foxy
It's a girl.
Rant ahead:
Look, guys, think about this: the restaurant/pizzeria is for kids.
You give a piece of paper to a kid and tell them to draw a girl.
What do they draw?
They draw a skirt on a little stick-figure or whatever. They draw long hair, or pigtails, or a ponytail.
They draw long lashes. LONG. (I'm saying this because Toy Bonnie is canonically a boy, but his lashes are not as long as Mangle's or Toy Chica's)
Then, they draw lipstick on her. However sexist that sounds, all children see lipstick as a girly thing. The FNAF-universe makers of Mangle were definitely not giving Mangle lipstick so that she could be a "boy", okay? Deal with that.
As a finishing touch, the children paint her pink. Or parts of her pink, because in a child's mind, pink is a girly color.

Mangle or Funtime Foxy or Toy Foxy, whatever, was made to entertain children, not adults! She's MADE to look like a girl in the eyes of children!
It doesn't really add to the lore anyway, the genders of the animatronics are not important, but I just had to get this out of my mind, sorry.

Okay, on a brighter side, I really love this Funtime Foxy! Can't wait to see her in FNaF World! ^^
Hope to solve the story of the games soon!
Happy Halloween! by RoxyPuppyGirl
Happy Halloween!

so there's this big litter of kitties from Warriors: Brackenfur, Cinderpelt, Brightheart and Thornclaw, the former three are three of my favorites and I kinda like Thornclaw being around so I thought: how about doing this year's Halloween themed picture about them? and it juST TURNED OUT SO GOOD OMG
Brackenfur is a witch/wizard, Cinderpelt is kind of a slightly zombie cowboy? (I kinda think she'd be the most creative and hardcore about costumes) Brightheart is a mummy and Thornclaw just got something stuck on his head, nothing to worry about
AAAaaah let me just say once again that I love this soooo much
Crowfeather by RoxyPuppyGirl
100 Warrior Cats Challenge - Crowfeather

the one everyone hates, but I'm pretty ok with this guy
I could go as far to say I love him
3 Med Cats by RoxyPuppyGirl
3 Med Cats
There's no such thing as drawing too much Jayfeather.

Jay is Bae
Leafpool is also important child
But Cinderpelt is still my favorite cat ever~
Heeeey people, so I thought I'd do the 100 WC Challenge. School is coming up in 3 weeks and I should study and I just sit here drawing cats and wonder if it is possible to fix my life at this point.

I'll regularly upload this journal with the links ^^

1. Firestar

2. Bluestar

3. Tallstar

4. Blackstar

5. Tigerstar

6. Leopardstar

7. Crookedstar

8. Onestar

9. Leafpool

10. Spottedleaf

11. Yellowfang

12. Cinderpelt

13. Barkface

14. Jayfeather

15. Willowshine

16. Mothwing

17. Littlecloud

18. Stormfur

19. Feathertail

20. Squirrelflight

21. Brambleclaw

22. Crowfeather

23. Tawnypelt

24. Lionblaze

25. Nightstar

26. Hollyleaf

27. Sorreltail

28. Hawkfrost

29. Longtail

30. Darkstripe

31. Graystripe

32. Silverstream

33. Oakheart

34. Mistyfoot

35. Stonefur

36. Whitestorm

37. Scourge

38. Bone

39. Barley

40. Thunder/star

41. Leafstar

42. Sharpclaw

43. Cherrytail

44. Sparrowpelt

45. Runningwind

46. Cloudtail

47. Brokenstar

48. Dustpelt

49. Ferncloud

50. Spiderleg

51. Daisy

52. Birchfall

53. Berrynose

54. Heathertail

55. Brackenfur

56. Cinderheart

57. Ravenpaw

58. Sandstorm

59. Willowpelt

60. Brindleface

61. Goldenflower

62. Sasha

63. Mousefur

64. Half Moon

65. Brook Where Small Fish Swim

66. Smudge

67. Lionheart

68. Speckletail

69. Russetfur

70. River/star

71. Deadfoot

72. Raggedstar

73. Redtail

74. Brightheart

75. Ashfur

76. Graypool

77. Wind/star

78. Mudclaw

79. Breezepelt

80. Nightcloud

81. Cody

82. Millie

83. Poppyfrost

84. Honeyfern

85. Hazeltail

86. Whitewing

87. Frostfur

88. Dappletail

89. Molewhisker

90. Foxleap

91. Icecloud

92. Talon of Swooping Eagle

93. Stoneteller

94. Princess

95. Night of No Stars

96. Shadow/star

97. Patchpelt

98. Swiftpaw

99. Fallen Leaves

100. Mapleshade

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You don't wanna know
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Favourite movies: The Grudge, Hercules, Lion King, Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Puss in Boots, Harry Potter, Hetalia - Paint it, White! (best horror movie ever), Frozen
Favorite books: White Fang, The Call of the Wild, The black tulip, Harry Potter series, Warrior Cats
Favourite shows: Sonic Boom, Pokémon, Hetalia, Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood, Mondaiji tachi ga isekai kara kuru so desu yo? aaand basically anime is all that I watch XD
Favourite games: Shrek 2, Wolf Quest, Feral Heart, Yu Gi Oh! Power of Chaos (all three games), Harry Potter, some Pokemon games....that's probably it
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:iconstarplz:THAT'S ALL FOLKS!:iconstarplz:

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