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Wtf Graystripe! by RoxyPuppyGirl
Wtf Graystripe!
Yayz for Bramblestar's Storm messing up everything!
I cracked up at that moment and thought about changing the situation: what would have happened if it actually was Graystripe's fault and not the Erins'? XD
Cats are supposed to be: Graystripe, Birchfall, Lionblaze, Cinderheart, Brackenfur, Millie and Sandstorm.
Seedpaw's death (SPOILERS) by RoxyPuppyGirl
Seedpaw's death (SPOILERS)
What the heck is anatomy...
Well this didn't turn out the way I wanted XD
So this is little Seedpaw's death scene in Bramblestar's storm Q-Q I loved Seedpaw so muuuch, she was my favorite apprentice! And the Erins had to kill her off for a frickin stick to become important.....grrr. I hope they break the stick in half, then stomp at it, then smash it until only tiny splinters remain and then throw it in the lake.
I feel so bad for Lilypaw too Q.Q

Cats: Bramblestar, Seedpaw and Lilypaw
Roxy Reference Sheet - 2015 by RoxyPuppyGirl
Roxy Reference Sheet - 2015
*There's one kind of music that's Hungarian, we call it "mulatós" ("mulat" means "revel" or "junket", something like that) and I hate it. My brother ALWAYS listens to them when he's home. I'm getting really sick of it ._.

Anyway, it was time for this, I admit it XD It's been several years since the last ref for Roxy owo I changed her so many times since then. I'm trying to make her look more like an actual fox, with all the blue XD
And God is there, cuz I really love Him! ^^
Accusation by RoxyPuppyGirl
Wow, well, this took a lot of time!
Anyways, this is the scene in The Forgotten Warrior, where Dawnpelt accuses Jafeather of killing Flametail and yay, everyone's all like "OOOOOOOH STARCLAN" because they're convinced that a blind cat can kill another one.
Also, this is the first time I've drawn one of my favorite characters, Ivypool! ^^ And one of my most hated ones too *coughDawnpeltcough*
The white/black-pawed and the ginger tabby cats on the tree are Blackstar and Firestar, of course. The others are just random. I enjoyed drawing them, they look so cute ^^

Front cats are Dawnpelt, Jayfeather, Dovewing, Lionblaze and Ivypool.
BramblexSquirrel by RoxyPuppyGirl
My gallery is full of Warriors fanartsss
I totally derped on the anatomy here, Brambleclaw is huge. Oh well
I found this on Tumblr and thought I'd do it ^^

1. When did you get into FNaF?
It wasn't long ago at all, probably 1-2 months. (Note that I write this in June, 2015)

2. Favorite character?
It's a tie between Foxy and Springtrap <3

3. Least favorite character?
I don't really have one, but the one I actually ignore is Toy Freddy. He's just....too ordinary :/

4. Who do you think was the killer?
Uhm, Purple Guy? Just a random psychopath.

5. Who do you think was the victim of the Bite of ‘87?
A toddler. Further info in the last question.

6. Do you think Golden Freddy actually exists?
I don't. I mean, the suit (or the animatronic) itself exists, but is turned off and probably dismantled in the safe room. I think Golden Freddy himself appears as a hallucination.

7. Toys, ‘Originals’, Phantoms, Nightmares, or Diner models?
Originals (first game) and Nightmare models. Just. Plain. Awesome.

8. Did an LPer get you into FNaF? If so, who?
Actually I knew that PewDiePie played on all three games, but he wasn't the one who got me into the game. I got to know about the game from him though. But it actually was IHasCupquakes's animations that got me into it ^^

9. Favorite game?
FNaF 3, all the way. I mean Springtrap. Backstory. Purple Guy. Phantoms. I love it.

10. Favorite night guard?
What the- what? XD Uhm, they are actually the same to me, but....I don't know. Probably the one from the second game. I think that one is by far the scariest, with 10 animatronics trying to kill you and one being hungry for your sweet, succulent, double A batteries. (Yes, "5AM at Freddy's" reference.) The night guard must have balls for that.

11. Any headcanons?
That the main mascot of Fredbear's Family Diner was Golden Freddy. Or it could have been him and Springtrap. And that Golden Freddy is possessed by the fifth dead kid's spirit, that's why he appears in every game so far and plays a seemingly main role.

12. Unpopular opinions?
I don't think it is all about jumpscares. Just imagine sitting alone in an office in real life. Even if the animatronics are turned off, you still feel like you're not alone...

13. Which animatronic do you think would be the easiest to fight off, and why?
Original Chica (1st game). I think if I'd throw a pizza somewhere she'd just run after it XD And then I could trip her over, and she couldn't stand up with her round body XD (okay I took this as a joke sorry)

14. If FFP was a real place, would you go there/work there?
I would go or work there, but definitely not at night. During the day it's fine, the animatronics are just adorable and friendly, I'd even take my child there ^^ And watch out for killers. Wouldn't let any adult touch my baby. No one. :|

15. Do you think Foxy/Springtrap are ‘good guys’ (meaning they’re not actually trying to kill you)?
I do think that Foxy doesn't want to kill you and I believe in the theory that his malfunctioning voice box gives you a heart attack. And I kinda think Springtrap is possessed by the spirit of Purple Guy and that he's guilty about what he did. Why he leans towards you, I don't know.

16. Who do you think was the culprit of the Bite of ‘87?
I think it was Mangle, being angered by her (yes, her) dismantled state and biting a toddler. It sounds terrible, but I think it's how it was. :(

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